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How We Price

Identity design is an important investment that can differentiate a client from the competition, boost profits and attract ideal customer bases.

Since every project is as unique as the individual or company requiring our services, we do not charge a flat fee. Once we have discussed in detail what the client's wants and needs are we can then more accurately figure an estimate based on that information which we will present in writing. Any factors that play beyond the initial scope of the project would be compensated accordingly. We have found this to work to the client's best advantage.

The client will receive 2-3 mockups, revisions and then one final revision. Anything after the final revision is billed per hour. The process arriving at the 2-3 mockups often involves dozens of sketches before a design direction is established and a digital presentation of the very best is made to the client for consideration. After approval and finalization of design the client will receive the finished files, in whatever formats may be required, in most cases with full ownership.

Payments can be made by check, bank transfer, or credit card.